Kyle Raven
Kyle Raven Director

A little about me
Kyle’s thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for real estate was evident from his first day. Fifteen years later his dedication, discipline and expertise has given him the confidence to branch out & create a business that will focus on each clients individual needs.

A recipient of multiple industry awards, Kyle’s easy going approach & track record in the Wangaratta market has meant an ever-growing client base that continually recommends him to others.

He understands that it’s the people and quality of relationships that are paramount to his success, along with constant training and offering a ‘best practice’ approach.

Away from real estate, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family & still has a strong interest in the local football scene.

Sullivan & Vincent
Sullivan & Vincent Chief Excitement Officers (CEOs)

If you want to sell your house in 15 years call us!

If you are looking to sell your house now – call our dad, he is awesome!!

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